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When Winning Matters you need a day in the life video production company you can trust. Verdict Videos' settlement video documentary style can transform your client's complaint into an effective legal video presentation that highlights the opposing party's liability and increases your client's damages. We give you the tools to persuade by presenting the tangibles and intangibles of your client's case with professional narration, expert witness interviews, before and after photographs, day in the life video footage and more. Our legal and television production experience allows us to create a compelling video settlement presentation that individualizes your client's case in a way that words on a page simply cannot do.

Think you do not have a case that warrants a video presentation? Think again. We provide better, more reliable services at reasonable prices because our team has over 25 years experience producing television, documentary and legal video productions. Keeping costs to a minimum is one way we provide excellent client service. Legal video presentations are proven to justify demand letters and maximize the value of civil cases. While your clients are counting on you, you can count on Verdict Videos for a powerful settlement video demand package for pre-trial mediation, settlement conference, or courtroom jury trial. We are a Legal Video Services company in Los Angeles. More

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Professional Legal Video Production Services Providing Nationwide Settlement Video Documentaries, Day in the Life Videos and Wrongful Death Video Services. We provide nationwide service including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Inland Empire, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Long Beach, San Bernardino, Santa Ana