When Winning Matterssm you need a day in the life legal videography company you can trust. Verdict Videos’ settlement video brochures transform your client’s complaint into a Dateline-style presentation for mediation, or arbitration. We highlight the opposing party’s liability while justifying your client’s claim in a way that words on a page simply cannot do.

Verdict Video was founded in 2009. Mark Alexander and Kelly Deutsch have over 25-years’ experience as accomplished, award-winning documentary producers, and nearly 17-years combined producing videos for mediation and trial. Our goal is to carefully present the circumstances of your client’s injuries, and allow the heartfelt truth about your client’s suffering to be told.

Mark and Kelly

Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander | President

Mark’s compelling documentary work on indigenous rights, the environment and unfair economics has won awards from film festivals all over the world.

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Kelly Deutsch
Kelly Deutsch | Producer

Kelly is a four-time, award-winning executive producer who brings her unique legal background and television production know-how to Verdict Videos.

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