Mark Alexander

Mark has a successful history in broadcast television having worked on productions for NBC, ABC, CBS, Disney and Fox. He proved himself as a trusted and dependable professional responsible for production and editing of content for multi-million dollar accounts.

As an independent producer and editor, Mark has been honored with awards from major film festivals all over the world for his documentary work related to indigenous rights, the environment and unfair economics. It was while creating these types of substantive documentaries that Mark came to realize the dramatic impact videos can have on the lives of individuals.

In keeping with his mission to produce videos that truly make a difference, Mark established the Verdict Videos team to focus exclusively on legal video presentations to assist attorneys and their clients alike. Each video has the potential to dramatically aid in the positive outcome for those who have been harmed physically, emotionally and psychologically due to the libelous actions of others. Mark considers it an honor to work alongside consumer attorneys who are fighting to bring justice and balance back into the lives of their clients.

Mark’s work on day in the life videos involving traumatic brain injury, medical malpractice, employment law and sexual abuse, involve all the skills and experience that producing broadcast videos and documentaries demands. The only difference is, instead of being played for millions of people they are created for an audience of a highly critical few.

Verdict Videos has been awarded high honors from prestigious national media competitions for their settlement video documentaries, but what is more important to Mark is the impact the team at Verdict Videos is having on the lives of those who need it the most.

Mark MRAIn his spare time, Mark volunteers with the San Dimas Mountain Rescue team. He assists during searches with navigation, transportation and communications. His videos have been used for training and public relations for the team. He has also produced a wilderness safety video that is used nationwide to educate children on what to do if they become lost.


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