Verdict Videos - Expert witness testimony for legal video brochures

Expert witness testimony for legal video brochures

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In almost every matter, the expert’s testimony is a necessity and is expected by the opposing parties. This is especially true in cases where the issues are difficult to interpret and define. It is therefore beneficial to have key expert witnesses interviewed on-camera for the documentary presentation. We all know these witnesses add credibility to the plaintiffs claim, but a well-made point of fact enhanced with demonstrative evidence may be enough to solidify the ambiguities of certain facts and make the case. For a non-physical injury matter, it is best to have key family members’ testimony buttressed with that of the expert witnesses. In this way for instance, a forensic psychologist or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) medical expert can validate what the family has communicated throughout the video about the victim’s life changes.

Just as with seeing and listening to key family members tell the story of the victim and the life that once was, viewing the expert witness on-screen supported with demonstrative evidence makes for a clear, concise and effective presentation of the facts.

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