Courtroom Equipment Rental

Verdict Videos installs basic trial presentation equipment into Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and some San Bernardino county courthouses for your convenience. Arrangements can be made with opposing counsel to split the costs of the equipment and billing to each party can be made available.

Integrating your iPad, laptop computer, as well as opposing counsel’s to work with our monitor, projector and, or speaker system can be accomplished with the installation of our distribution amplifiers and switchers. In addition, our installer will take the time to review basic equipment operations with you immediately after installation.

We understand the importance of removing potential trip hazards with regard to running cables in the courtroom, as well as developing a positive working relationship with the court clerk. Our installations happen quickly and efficiently, as we understand equipment installation and removal is the last thing you need to worry about.

Trial Presentation Equipment Rental:

  • iPad wireless video & audio integration
  • ELMO Document Camera
  • 55” Widescreen Jury Flat Panel Monitor
  • Projector & Screen
  • DVD Player
  • Speaker System
  • 15” & 24” Table & Bench Flat Panel Monitors
  • Switcher & necessary cabling
  • Laptop integration

Courtroom Equipment Pricing*

Basic package for ELMO document presenter and 55” jury monitor is $800.00 per 3-day week, installation/ removal, and applicable taxes.

*Installation and removal of equipment is dependent on wait time and location. Multiple monitors, DVD player and speaker system are considered additional equipment and are not part of the basic package. Large 55” monitors require a 2-person set-up and may incur additional costs.