Day in the Life Legal Video

We shoot for admissibility!

A day in the life video for personal injury cases at trial documents in part the plaintiff’s daily activities from the moment they rise to the moment they go to bed. Whether the plaintiff is managing life on their own, has a caretaker, or is living in a care facility, a day in the life video can effectively communicate what the client’s life is like living as they struggle with completely ordinary daily tasks with a permanent personal injury.

In most cases, day in the life legal videos are admissible, however, the footage must be videotaped and edited with their probative, not prejudicial value in mind. Verdict Videos’ understands and incorporates guidelines for admissibility, understanding that all demonstrative evidence is subject to judicial discretion.

For admissibility as demonstrative evidence at trial, foundation for day-in-the-life videos must be properly authenticated. The plaintiff’s primary caretaker, life care planner, nurse practitioner, or Verdict Videos’ PMK can testify at trial to lay proper foundation.

Day in the life videos can also be used for mediation, or settlement. They can also be produced to present plaintiff’s heartfelt, non-deposition on-camera testimony whereby family members, a life care planner, or nurse practitioner provide a deeper insight as to the actions evolving on-screen. Life before injury photos, as well as music, and general damages’ charts and graphs could also be incorporated to accentuate the plaintiff’s overall damages. Should the case not settle, the original day in the life video footage can easily be re-edited for admissibility at trial. Call our office for more information and pricing for video presentations for mediation.

If seeing is believing, and a picture says a thousand words, a day in the life video presentation for mediation or trial, could be included as a part of the demand package presented to the opposing parties. It is important, however, to be sure the video company you choose has a proven track record of having their work admitted at trial. We understand the probative vs. prejudicial values when it comes to admitting evidence at trial, which is why WE SHOOT FOR ADMISSIBILITY!

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