Law Firm Marketing Videos

Verdict Videos is a full-service production company helping law firms create compelling marketing videos, lawyer spotlight videos and client testimonials. We help highlight the firm’s uniqueness and present the law firm’s message in the most efficient and compelling ways.

We understand just how powerful video can be. If a marketing video is not produced properly, it can hurt the law firm’s advertising objectives as much as a well-produced video can help them. A lawyer’s inauthentic delivery, or non-stop talking on-camera may compel prospective clients to click on to the next website rather than making contact. More often than not, a well-produced marketing video with a streamlined message, relaxed and authentic delivery should inspire prospects to consider scheduling a meeting with you.

To produce that streamlined message, we will work with the members of your team to determine what sets your law firm apart from other firms in your area. We help you create a message that reflects your unique identity and services. Once we determine what makes your law firm unique, we create those talking points for each team member, or client to discuss on-camera.

On production day the Verdict Videos’ team takes the time assure that each person designated to appear on-camera delivers his or her message comfortably and authentically. Our method and our style keeps each person at ease for a successful presentation.

For your convenience, our web designers can also upload the video to your firm’s website, YouTubeTM channel and other social websites for a nominal fee.