Settlement Video Documentary

Liability & Damages presented for mediation, or settlement.

VerdictVideosJVA091715webA Verdict Videos’ settlement documentary, or settlement video brochure, can capture the tangibles and intangibles of your client’s case, like words on a page simply cannot do. We portray in authentic fashion, your client’s dynamic life before injury, in juxtaposition to what life is like now. By weaving professional narration, family photos, home movies, day in the life video footage and interviews with family members, current and future damages can be thoroughly presented.

A Settlement video can also address opposing parties’ liability, and/ or a full explanation of plaintiff’s damages. On-camera interviews with expert witnesses, such as a forensic engineer, can assist in identifying for opposing counsel the full extent of their client’s exposure. A treating physician, life care planner, or vocational rehabilitation expert can offer their on-camera opinion and provide support for plaintiff’s demand.

Verdict Videos can videotape the scene of the incident, incorporate police reports and create legal animations, timelines and diagrams to further exemplify the facts of the case. Settlement documentaries can also demonstrate for opposing counsel you are not only making a serious investment in your client’s case, but that you are also well-prepared for trial.

Settlement documentaries can be a very effective tool to demonstrate your client’s authenticity and thereby how well they could present themselves at trial. Legal video demonstratives can be presented at mediation, mandatory settlement conference and arbitration. Some portions of the video may be repurposed for admissibility trial.

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