Video Enhancement

Digital video enhancement may include sharpening, brightening, slowing down or speeding up surveillance video footage to make details easier for viewing. Scenes or parts of scenes can been enlarged, as well as still images captured for individual display. Those images can then be printed onto small boards for jury distribution, or for presentation onto flat panel monitors in the courtroom. Side-by-side displays may also be used to illustrate image comparisons.

Verdict Videos has an easy-to-use and secure file delivery system for your office to upload surveillance video files directly to us. We will review those files for no charge and provide you with the best available options for your specific footage. In most cases, it is best to keep in mind footage can only be enhanced, not regenerated from severely grainy or blurry footage. Should your footage need forensic alteration, we will refer your office to a highly-qualified expert. We do not accept referral fees from experts for this service.

Audio files may also be enhanced using noise and tone filters. These filters can not only reduce unwanted ambient noise and extraneous sounds, but accentuate the desired sound, be that a voice, or gunshots heard in the background.

Verdict Videos takes great pride in documenting our chain of custody, as well as all of our processes and procedures with regard to our video and audio enhancement services. Our goal is to authenticate our work should we need to testify for you at trial.

Video and audio enhancement pricing may vary depending on the duration of the video, how many video stills need extraction and enhancement. Please contact us for more information.