Video Site Inspection

A video site inspection can be utilized as an effective demonstrative aid to documenting a wide variety of issues to either preserve evidence, or record an expert witness’ examination of an item or device. Video inspections are essential for recording vehicle testing, product defects, on-the-job injury matters, premises liability, and eminent domain cases, just to name a few.

For construction defect matters, video site inspections are imperative for documenting the presence of mold, grading and sloping issues; improper framing, stucco, siding and roofing failures, as well as other problems. Preserving this type of evidence for trial can be critical for your client’s claim.

Inspection videos can also be effective for documenting and preserving pre-construction surveys whereby the property boundaries, ingress and egress are videotaped along with the property’s existing landscape and hardscape to demonstrate pre-construction conditions or temporary and/or permanent construction easements.

Unlike still photography, video can show more effectively the spatial relationships of a scene for line-of-sight safety issue, an office layout, warehouse or parking lot, intersection, or scene of an accident.

Verdict Videos can deliver the entire site inspection on DVD, or we can edit the footage to highlight only key areas of interest. Our custom DVD menus can make it easy for you to navigate scenes for playback at deposition, mediation or trial.

Photography Services

Verdict Videos offer and recommend digital still photography be utilized in conjunction with video documentation to provide a more robust presentation of the site or examination conditions. Digital photos may be enlarged and, or presented with survey overlays for demonstrative purposes, both for settlement and in the event of a trial. Contact us if you’re interested in these services.