Wrongful Death Video Portrait

Whether it be the loss of a child, wife, father, or parent, a wrongful death documentary by Verdict Videos can bring to life in a heartfelt way the remarkable impact the decedent had on the people and community around them. Intertwining on-camera interviews of immediate family members, friends and co-workers, a wrongful death presentation can convey the intangibles of how life was and what could have been.

The Verdict Videos’ team helps guide interviewees to share their memories in an authentic and moving fashion. With the help of a professional narrator, family photos, home movies, and a presentation of significant accomplishments, the mediator and insurance adjuster not only see but feel for themselves the life of a real person, not just a name on a page.

Verdict Videos also incorporates the facts surrounding the life-ending incident, places responsibility on the opposing parties and calls for the demand of justice. A wrongful death presentation at mediation, or arbitration can easily demonstrate for the opposing parties the decedent’s story, how their family presents and thereby compelling them to consider a reasonable settlement.

A wrongful death video can be incorporated into any type of fatality demand package, whether it is for a premises liability matter, medical malpractice suit, or automobile accident.

Wrongful death documentaries may be modified in such a way that they can accompany testimony in a jury trial. These presentations must follow the rules of admissibility as all materials submitted as demonstrative evidence must have proper foundation and fulfill the judicial discretion of probative value.